Coms Direct

Coms Direct provides managed connectivity to UK business.

Our solutions range from business broadband, dedicated leased lines through to bespoke networking services that the modern business world demands

For many, the aim is to simply get a better level of service for their broadband. For others, there is a real need to always be connected - without compromise.

Coms Direct has the experience and the solutions to help build a service around your business, supporting your business needs and growth.

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Leased Lines

Dedicated connectivity for your business with guaranteed performance, assured traffic rates and uncapped data allowances. Enable faster, more reliable communications that support multi-site connectivity, heavy internet use and utilisation of cloud services.

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Managed WiFi

Intelligent and managed WiFi networks that can operate the same network across multiple sites, controlled from one web-based portal Wireless connections, devices and application can be controlled granularly for complete network management.

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Network Security

Managed routers, firewalls and VPNs provide ultra-secure internet access and business continuity for your network. Home workers and other sites can connect to corporate resources securely for ultimate peace of mind.

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A wide range of solutions to enhance your connectivity. With improved broadband, your business is able to benefit from the agility, productivity and competiveness that cloud applications bring.

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