Six questions every business should ask before migrating email to Office 365

The email migration process from Exchange Server (in-house) to Office 365 (cloud) can be filled with all kinds of quirks, quandaries and questions. If you’re thinking about migrating your email to the cloud and want to avoid getting thrown about the proverbial creek without a paddle, here are six questions you’ll want to ask.

CASE STUDY - Pactum Asset Management

When asset management firm, Pactum, got the green light for their office move, they had to work quickly. They needed to find a fully integrated IT solution that would allow staff to work and collaborate remotely. To comply with stringent Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations, they also needed business critical security and disaster recovery.

Cloud Direct’s packaged cloud services ticked all their boxes. They removed 90% of Pactum’s IT responsibilities, saving time and money. It even integrated with Bloomberg.

It was the only such solution Pactum could find.

What is 'recovery time' in IT disaster recovery?

Warning: one man’s understanding of ‘recovery time’ is rarely the same as the next man’s. Why is this dangerous? Because the longer your business is without IT systems and data, the worse the impact on your business. So you need to understand exactly when to expect what from your IT disaster recovery.