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Cloud Direct Acquires Activator UK

Bath, 7th October 2010 - As the Cloud Computing movement gathers pace with the convergence of data and communications becoming increasingly beneficial to businesses, Activator UK has today joined forces with On Direct Business Services Limited, a major player in the cloud computing market.

By gaining access to the marketing and financial resources of On Direct Business Services Limited, Activator will be able to expand its services in the managed business communications market and provide added value cloud applications that users are now requesting.

Brett Raynes, CEO of On Direct Business Services Limited commented: “The synergies between the two companies stood out when I first began talks with Activator and our ability to now offer managed connectivity will be a major benefit to our existing customer base. Both companies have developed skills and expertise which, when combined, will offer a very powerful portfolio which will address critical areas of a client’s business.”

On Direct Business Services Limited, a 2010 Customer Kings award winner and a finalist in this year’s National Customer Service Awards, is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service.

Ian Hanson the Business Development Manager in the new operation commented “Activator has developed a loyal and growing customer base in the Security, Retail and SME markets and we felt we needed the backing of a larger organisation to take Activator to new levels of managed services. With On Direct Business Services Limited’s service excellence and portfolio of cloud based solutions we are confident our customers will see immediate advantages from the two organisations coming together.”

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"One of the best technology investment decisions we have ever made"
Steve Pickering, Practice Manager, McParland Williams
"It’s a service that really does do exactly what it says on the tin. I am so delighted that I have recommended Cloud Direct to many of my commercial clients"
Steve Pickering, Practice Manager, McParland Williams
"I would certainly recommend them for totally reliable backup and disaster recovery"
Steve Pickering, Practice Manager, McParland Williams
"Cloud Direct gives us a real peace of mind knowing that our critical information is totally secure and protected from loss or damage"
Robbie Barkell, Program Manager, Alive and Kicking
"I recommend Cloud Direct. It’s easy to use… it’s simplicity and price are the main factors."
Tim Carney, AIMS Accountants
"Our systems and approach to business rely on excellent technology, which is why we chose Cloud Direct. The new telecom package is absolutely superb; I would certainly recommend talking to them about VoIP. We're seeing genuine performance and credibility benefits that are utterly suited to business applications"
Wayne Bernstein, MD, Total Rehab Solutions
"We recently had a situation where an employee in Belgium lost his machine on a routine business trip. Fortunately he was able to use a web browser and securely log into the web portal and retrieve files"
Sam Carew, IT manager, Efficio International Consulting