About us

Since 2003, Cloud Direct has freed 4,000 organisations from the burden and waste of old-world IT. Our new-world, packaged cloud services have helped our customers move their IT into the cloud safely, quickly and easily. So now their businesses are more productive, agile and competitive.  

Cloud migration and management

There's a confusing spectrum of cloud suppliers out there and it's a hassle and expense to work out what's best for your business, ensure the migration is smooth - and then to manage several suppliers all at the same time. We take all that away.

We carefully vet, select and package the best technology according to your specific industry requirements and regulations. Buying a cloud package is quick. It comes with a fixed price, scope and deliverables. And when your business requirements change - for example if one time of year is busier than another - you can change your package accordingly.

You get one monthly bill, one point of contact and 24/7 support from our award-winning teams.

You can entrust your entire organisation’s technology requirements to us. We support your business continuity, office and employee productivity and we guarantee the availability and security of your workspace infrastructure and applications.

Your data is fully protected and compliant no matter your industry - including in accordance with requirements for highly regulated organisations in industries such as finance, legal and healthcare.

We hold international ISO 20000 / 27001 and UK government-level accreditations, and are Investors in People – Gold.

Our systems and approach to business rely on excellent technology, which is why we chose Cloud Direct. The new telecom package is absolutely superb; I would certainly recommend talking to them about VoIP. We're seeing genuine performance and credibility benefits that are utterly suited to business applications

Wayne Bernstein, MD, Total Rehab Solutions

Great customer service. Any issue big or small is dealt with efficiently and promptly

Antony Diggins, IT and marketing manager, Warranty Wise

It’s a service that really does do exactly what it says on the tin. I am so delighted that I have recommended Cloud Direct to many of my commercial clients

Steve Pickering, Practice Manager, McParland Williams

One of the best technology investment decisions we have ever made

Steve Pickering, Practice Manager, McParland Williams

We recently had a situation where an employee in Belgium lost his machine on a routine business trip. Fortunately he was able to use a web browser and securely log into the web portal and retrieve files

Sam Carew, IT manager, Efficio International Consulting