Azure Migration and Innovation Roadshow

Tuesday 12th March, 10:00 – 14:00
In-person event at Microsoft Thames Valley Park, Reading

Unlocking the transformative business potential of artificial intelligence starts with a step into Microsoft Azure.

Are you looking to build the right foundations to start adopting AI? Azure brings a whole host of benefits that will transform your business, but migrating to the cloud can be complex. However, with a clear plan and strategy in place, you can set your business up for a successful migration in no time, which in turn will empower your data and open your business up to the opportunities presented by AI. We’re here to show you how, and to get you started.

Our Roadshow is back for 2024, where we’ll be joined by industry leaders from Microsoft and Cloud Direct, to help you learn how to successfully migrate to Azure and leverage the power of Microsoft Cloud.

Who’s this event for? IT leaders who are looking to migrate to Azure and leverage the latest AI technology.

Please note: to encourage engagement and provide the maximum value to attendees, the number of seats for this workshop is limited to 15.

What's on the agenda?


We’ll be providing breakfast for all attendees while everybody gets settled.

Opening Words

We will take 10 minutes for everyone to get to know each other before we kick off.

AI Motivations and Use Cases for Migrating to the cloud

The morning will start with a dive into the motivations and use cases for migrating to Azure. During this session we will cover some of the common motivations, and challenges that may come with it so you know how to best overcome them.

Leveraging the Cloud Adoption Framework and Landing Zones

We’ll then get straight into the bit that everyone’s interested in – how to migrate to Azure with best practice. The answer? By following Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework.

We will dive into each step of the Cloud Adoption Framework and what you will need to consider at each step, spending time investigating the importance of deploying a Landing Zone for long-term success.

A quick break
Building long-term success with a Cloud Operating Model

To ensure that your migration is a success, you can’t just lift and shift. You need to make sure that your business is geared up to shift its Operating Model into the Cloud. We will highlight the importance of this and what considerations you should make when moving into the cloud to ensure long-term value from your migration.

Accessing Microsoft Funding to Speed up your Migration

Finally, we will finish the event with the different Microsoft funded resources available to accelerate your migration, and how to access them.

Networking Lunch

We’ll provide a lunch for all attendees as a chance to network with other industry experts.

Leon Godwin

Cloud Evangelist, Cloud Direct

Richard Cheyne

Azure Practice Lead, Cloud Direct

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