How to Revolutionise the Customer Experience with Microsoft AI

Live webinar, Thursday 18th April, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Start to transform your customer experience with Microsoft AI and Data


From consumer goods to travel and tourism, it’s no secret that an exceptional customer experience is important to staying ahead in a competitive market.

In a fast-paced tech landscape, how you use your data and leverage AI can be key to ensuring you make successful and well-informed business decisions for your customers.

Are you ready to take the leap?

From improving operational efficiency and customer personalisation to enhancing supply chain management and cybersecurity, there are many ways in which data and AI can help in creating and maintaining a great experience for your customers.

By joining this webinar you’ll learn how, with a secure data strategy in place, you can start to use Microsoft Azure AI technology such as OpenAI, Copilot, Machine learning, AI Search and more to leverage insights and ensure you make informed business decisions to improve your customer experience.

Who is this for? Any IT, Data, AI, Cloud, Digital Transformation and Customer Experience leaders.

What kind of businesses is this for? Any that would like to harness the power of Microsoft Azure and discover how to revolutionise their customer experience. This can include but is not limited to Retail and consumer goods, Leisure, travel and tourism, Hospitality, Warehousing, Wholesalers, Automotive and Transport, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Logistics and Supply Chain plus more.

This webinar is part two of our end-to-end Microsoft Cloud Bootcamp: Transforming the Customer Experience

Ready to take the leap?

Setting the scene

We’ll start by showing examples and use cases of the power of data and AI in delivering an efficient customer experience.

Getting your data in order

Here, we’re going to demonstrate the key considerations of a secure data strategy. We’ll look at the components such as building your platform, ensuring data governance, empowering data quality and how to start creating insights, all with Microsoft Azure data tools.

Your greatest companion: AI

In this part, we’re going to take a deeper dive into Microsoft Azure AI tools and help you understand how they can be your greatest companion in securely innovating to drive business decisions for an exceptional customer experience.

Getting started

From Microsoft Azure migration to getting your costs and security under control, we’ll briefly demonstrate the roadmap to AI, so you can securely reach the end goal of harnessing the power of data and AI to improve your customer experience.

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This webinar will be hosted by

Leon Godwin

Cloud Evangelist, Cloud Direct

Dr Victoria Holt

Data & AI Practice Lead, Cloud Direct

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