Why you should embrace data innovation for your Retail business?

Live webinar | Thursday 28th September | 10:15 – 11:00am

Start harnessing Microsoft Cloud data tools to inform decisions for your Retail business

As a retail, travel and tourism or hospitality business, you have an endless amount of data at your fingertips and with this, comes endless opportunities. But are you leveraging this data to drive business decisions?

With Microsoft Cloud data tools, you have the ability to effectively access, secure, structure, and interpret data, which is crucial to making informed decisions for your retail business. And we’re here to show you why it’s important to start embracing these tools and data innovation in our upcoming webinar.

Our Cloud Evangelist, Leon Godwin, is hosting a webinar to help you understand how to innovate with your data using Microsoft Cloud tools. By demonstrating PowerBi, Fabric and Azure Synapse – you can start to fully visualise, report and analyse the full potential of your retail data, helping inform decisions for your retail business and streamline operations.

Who is this for? This is for IT team members and data leaders in retail, travel, tourism, and hospitality businesses.

Do you have a question or topic that you would like to see answered in the webinar? Let us know in advance here.

During this webinar, we'll help you:

The importance of Data in Business Decisions

Understand the significance of data in driving informed retail business decisions. Learn about the various types of data available, including internal and external sources, and how they can be utilized to gain a competitive edge.

Data Collection and Analysis

Explore effective methods for data collection and analysis. Learn about data sources, tools, and techniques with Microsoft Cloud tools such as Fabric, Power BI and Azure Synapse.

Data Visualisation and Reporting

Learn how to effectively visualize and present data to facilitate understanding and decision-making. Explore data visualisation tools with Microsoft Cloud.