Enhance your Security Strategy for 2023

Tuesday 21st February, 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Discover how to enhance your security strategy with Microsoft tools and technologies

Digital threat activity is at an all-time high and the level of sophistication increasing every day. Making it more important than ever to get ahead of any threats by enhancing your security technology strategy.

If improving your security technology strategy for 2023 is a priority for your business, then you’re in luck. Our Security Manager, Mark Phillip, is hosting a webinar to help kickstart your 2023 security strategy planning.

Who’s this webinar for? IT or Security professionals that are looking to create a successful security and technology strategy for 2023.

During this webinar, our security experts will cover:

Planning for 2023 End of Life and Support dates

It’s important to start planning for products that reach the end of support and end of life in 2023, so you aren’t left unprotected. We’ll be highlighting what these products are, and how to approach these.

Some of the products we will be highlighting are:

Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2021, and 2021 r2

Windows 10

Consolidating your technology to stay secure

Our experts will highlight how you can consolidate applications, centralise management and secure to help enchance your security strategy.

Planning for compliance in 2023

Are you looking to meet new or existing compliance and regulation standards in 2023? Whatever compliance standard you’re looking to meet, we have advice to help you plan your strategy on meeting these.

Modernising your technology

Do you have old technology assets you need to migrate for security purposes? Our security expert will highlight how you can migrate to new Microsoft technologies, such as Azure, Windows 365 and Microsoft 365.

Data protection and management

Understand how to better protect and manage your data with the help of Microsoft tools and technologies.

Security updates to expect from Microsoft in 2023

We’ll end the webinar by providing an overview of security updates to be aware of in 2023.

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