How to build a successful Azure Migration Strategy

Thursday 16th February, 10:00 – 10:45

Set yourself up for success with an Azure Migration Strategy 

The key to a seamless Azure Migration is ensuring you have a clear migration strategy in place. It’s easy to want to jump straight into the cloud, but it’s important to spend time building a secure and scalable foundation.

Our experts are hosting a webinar where we’ll be highlighting the key considerations you should be making as part of your strategy. We’ll also be discussing some real-life migration strategies we’ve created.

Who is this event for? IT professionals looking to de-risk their Azure Migration by creating a successful migration strategy.

During this webinar, we will be highlighting

Set yourself up for success

Our experts will kickstart this webinar by talking about the importance of having a migration strategy in place.

Leveraging the Cloud Adoption Framework

We’ll introduce you to the six stages of the Cloud Adoption Framework, and will take a deep dive into the strategy and plan stages.

Migration considerations

Our experts will highlight some of the key considerations you should be making when planning your Azure migration.

Migration tools and strategies

Discover the key tools and strategies you should look to leverage as part of your migration strategy.

Common mistakes to avoid

Our experts will highlight some of the common mistakes we hear of, and how to avoid them. Allowing you to de-risk your migration.

Q&A with experts

We’ll end this webinar with a Q&A session with our experts. Come prepared with any questions you have about migrating to Azure.

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