How to Modernise Your Business’s Data Strategy

30th June, 02:00 PM – 03:00 PM

The Future of Data-driven Decisions is Now

As a business, you have access to endless amounts of data. Having the ability to effectively access, secure, structure, and interpret that data is crucial to seizing new opportunities, attracting customers, and streamlining operations.

It’s time to ensure your business has the right resources in place to modernise your data strategy.

We’re partnering with 1st-party customer data specialists, Edit, to help you understand the key considerations and steps you need to take to start making sense of your data.

Join our infrastructure and data experts as we explore:

What a data-driven future looks like
The process to structure, access, and analyse your data
Infrastructure considerations you should be making
The types of data you can monitor and decisions you can start making
How you can leverage data to make smart decisions

Who’s this event for?

  • IT leaders who are looking to modernise their data strategy and break down cross-departmental data silos.
  • Technology, Data, and Customer Insights leaders looking to improve the quality of insights they can collect.
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