How to successfully adopt a Cloud Operating Model

Live webinar, Wednesday 6th December, 10:00 – 10:30

Discover the considerations you should make when moving to a Cloud Operating Model with Azure

Operating models define how technology supports your business, and that operating model changes dramatically when you move into the cloud. When you move to the cloud, the focus of your operating model shifts from hardware to digital assets and the workloads they support.

When migrating to Azure it’s important that you consider how your operating model will change, and make sure you’re considering this as part of your migration.

Richard Cheney, Azure Practice Lead at Cloud Direct, will be hosting this webinar to highlight how you can successfully implement a cloud operating model.

Who’s this event for? IT leaders looking to migrate to the cloud

What's on the agenda?

What is a cloud operating model?

Discover exactly what a cloud operating model is

How is an operating model different in the cloud?

We’ll unpack how an operating model is different in the cloud, and the benefits a cloud model can have on your business.

Best practices when implementing a cloud operating model

Moving to a cloud operating model means you shift focus to digital assets and the workloads they support. We’ll dive into how you can leverage the Microsoft Well-Architected Framework to help decompose workload considerations into a set of common architectural principles: costs, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and security.

What considerations you should be making when migrating to Azure

There are plenty of considerations you should be making when moving your operating model to Azure, such as; processes, security, costs and more.

What costs are associated with a cloud operating model?

One of the biggest concerns with the cloud is costs. We will be debunking the myths associated with the costs of running a cloud operating model and diving into the actual costs that are associated.

Q&A session

We’ll finish up with a Q&A session with our expert.

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