Graham's Family Dairy With IA3 0365 Microsoft Case Study

Microsoft Case Study on Office 365 at Grahams Family Dairy with Robert Graham and Daniel Baird


What commitments does Microsoft make when you subscribe to Office 365?

This video outlines Microsoft's commitments to individual organisation's data and privacy goals


What does Microsoft do to prepare for emerging security threats to Office 365?

In this short video Microsoft focuses on explaining their "Assume Breach" approach where red and blue teams that are part of Office 365 engineering team work to anticipate and simulate attacks from real-world adversaries.

Press Releases

Cloud Direct acquires iHotdesk - its second company in six months

Cloud Direct, the UK provider of packaged cloud services, today announced its acquisition of London-based managed services business iHotdesk. The deal follows Cloud Direct’s June acquisition of Datel Business Systems Ltd, the IT hosting and infrastructure solutions provider, as the business continues to strengthen and consolidate its market offering.


Cloud fundamentals : compliance in the cloud

Many organisations want to take advantage of the cloud, but the data within existing services often contains a mix of the organisation’s high, moderate, and low impact data.


CEO Brett Raynes - Marketing in US vs UK

In this short clip, CEO Brett Raynes discusses his thoughts on how the UK can catch up with US marketing methods.


Video - Secrets to successful email migration to Office 365 - December 2015

Find out how to plan for successful email migration from on-premises Microsoft Exchange to Office 365, Microsoft’s powerful cloud version of Exchange - which also includes SharePoint collaboration, Skype for Business and Office.


Brett Raynes - Marketing in the Cloud

Companies in the IT industry are still exploring how to stand out from the crowd but it’s essential to survive. As Jack Trout says – “Differentiate or die”.

Fun stuff

Cloud Direct goes the whole hog with Prickles Hedgehog Rescue

In harmony with our company mascot, Eric the hedgehog, Cloud Direct provides technical and financial support to Prickles Hedgehog Rescue in Somerset.


CEO Brett Raynes - Drivers of competitiveness

CEO of Cloud Direct, Brett Raynes, discusses how automation and outsourcing drives productivity and frees you to focus on your core business needs.

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