Creating a new Connected Backup community

A community is a group of accounts that share common characteristics. For example, a community might be an organisation or location, or a type of computer user (such as laptop users and desktop users). A community can contain sub-communities to further organise your accounts. For example, you might create a community named Branch Office to manage all of the accounts in a branch office. Contained in the Branch Office community, you might have several sub-communities for each department at the office, such as Engineering, Marketing, and Sales. All types of Agent accounts can coexist in the same community. For example, you can have a community that includes Mac accounts and PC accounts.

Communities let you manage your user accounts in a variety of ways, including:

  • Assign Agent configurations to community users.
    • Create an Agent configuration for each community or sub-community. All of the Agents in this community will have the same features and settings. Using Central Administration, you can update all of the Agents in a community to use a new Agent version or configuration simultaneously.
  • Create status messages for all accounts within a community.
    • Create messages that notify account users when their account status has been changed.
  • Enable or disable email notification on file retrieval.
    • Have an email automatically sent to an Agent user whenever files are retrieved from their account.
  • Apply bandwidth throttling to all accounts within a community.
    • Limit the bandwidth used by Agents during backups.
  • Brand Support Center, Agents, or the Account Management Website for all accounts within a community.
    • Apply branding to Support Center, the Agent user interfaces, and to the Account Management Website.
  • Move accounts between communities. 
    • Move a user's account to a new community when appropriate. For example, when a user is promoted to a new department, you can transfer the individual's account to the community that represents the department.

This article describes how to set up a new community (or sub-community) from within the Connected Backup Support Center.


It is assumed that the reader is signed into the Connected Backup Support Center, and has access to the host community and the necessary permissions required to create a new community.


Creating a new community

To create a new enterprise directory enabled community, from within the Support Center, proceed as follows.

  1. In the left-hand navigation pane, click the node for the community under which you want to create the sub-community.

To create a community directly under the top level Cloud Direct node then, in the left hand navigation pane, click Backup Direct Masters – ASP. To create a sub-community under an existing community at a lower level, then locate the required community in the list and click on it.

The Community Status page opens in the right hand information pane.

  1. On the Community Status page, on the blue menu bar, click TOOLS, to reveal a dropdown list.
  2.  From the dropdown list, click, ADD SUB-COMMUNITY.

The Add Sub-Community page opens.

  1. In the Community Name field, type the name of the new sub-community.
  2. Click Save.

The Community Status page re-opens, showing status of the newly created sub-community. The new sub-community also now appears in the left hand navigation tree.