CUSTOMER ADVISORY: changes to your invoice

(This communication will also be emailed to all Billing Contact email addresses during the first week of February 2016)

Over the next few weeks, you may notice a few improvements to the Cloud Direct billing service. You don't need to do anything, we're just highlighting some new processes and features that may affect you.


Your invoice formatting

Your invoices will now look slightly different although they will still contain all your required information. Please see attached template.

Your emailed invoices

If you used to receive paper invoices, these will now be emailed to you. We will email invoices to the billing email address we have on record for your business. If you would like to update this information, please get in touch.

"OneBill": one invoice instead of several

No matter how many services you buy from us, you will now receive one bill, rather than multiple invoices. If you would prefer your services to be invoiced separately, please let us know. Our partners will continue to receive separate invoices where this has been requested.

More finely tuned billing

As well as the change in formatting and medium, we'll also be closely aligning subscriptions against activity. If you notice significant variations on your invoices, please get in touch.

Call charges and service usage

If you used to receive itemised call breakdowns on your bill, you can now find this detail, and other service usage information, on the Cloud Direct PROVIDE™ platform – our portal for your services with us.

Accessing your PROVIDE™ portal

We have already granted access to the PROVIDE™ portal for our Primary Contact at your organisation. In turn, they will be able to grant access to other contacts from your organisation. If you are still unable to access the PROVIDE™ portal, please contact your account manager :

Customer enquiries: 

Partner enquiries:


Best regards,

The Finance Team