Number porting away from Cloud Direct

This article is for information only, and intended for use by customers moving VoIP services from Cloud Direct to another communication provider.

We are sorry to see you leave, but wish you a smooth transition to your new VoIP service provider.


What to expect

Number porting is the transferring of ownership of your existing Cloud Direct telephone number(s) to another communication provider, and can be a lengthy process. It requires several parties to coordinate and agree the porting of your number(s). This will include your new provider, the Cloud Direct provider, and BT Openreach. You will retain the same telephone line number(s), but you will no longer have access to Cloud Direct's VoIP services associated with that number, i.e. diverts, caller ID etc.

The main activity required to port the numbers is carried out by your new provider, known as the Gaining Communications Provider (GCP). The GCP works with yourself, BT Openreach, and Cloud Direct's communication provider (the Losing Communications Provider – LCP), to complete the number porting.

Cloud Direct will assist when requested to do so by the GCP, but involvement will be limited as Ofcom guidelines state that the Gaining Provider is responsible for managing the porting process.

If you have any questions or issues regarding your number porting process then please direct them to the GCP who will be coordinating the activity.

Important Note:
Please do not attempt to cancel or modify the contract you have with Cloud Direct until you receive confirmation from your new provider that the numbers have successfully ported. If the numbers cease with your current provider before the numbers have ported to your new provider then you may lose your number.