Using BroadCloud Business Continuity

At times, unforeseen events may cause a disruption in service - power outages, dysfunctional router issues, internet outages, or simply an individual not plugging the jack all the way into the phone. While these situations may occur, business must continue, and your customers still need to contact you.

Cloud Direct's BroadCloud Business Continuity feature alleviates some of the pain experienced with these events, and insures that you can still receive calls even though your office is technically down. Business Continuity allows a user to designate a phone number for all calls to route to when there is a disruption in service.

The BroadCloud PBX continually checks in with the user's phone device for status. If connectivity between the network and phone is interrupted, then the Business Continuity function is enabled and all calls will route out to the number designated in the Business Continuity section of their dashboard.


The attached document, BroadCloud PBX: Business Continuity QRG, provides all the information you need to get the best from this feature.