Making yourself available, or unavailable, for UC Office calls

UC Office is often used in Call Centre applications, where the rich feature set can be used to great effect. This article shows how to sign in to UC Office, and make yourself available for incoming calls. It also shows how to temporarily make yourself unavailable to take calls. It contains the following sections:

For further information regarding UC Office features, please refer to knowledge article KB0011107, Setting up UC Office.


Sign in and make yourself available for calls

To make yourself available for incoming calls, proceed as follows.

  1. Open UC Office.
  2. In the left-hand navigation column, click the Preferences icon.

A list of Preferences options appears.

  1. Under the General section, click Services.

The Services options appear.

  1. Under Queues, click the drop-down options box.
  2. To sign into the Call-Centre, and be available for incoming calls, click Available.

Clicking Available signs you in and makes you available for calls. Alternatively, if you click Sign-In, then you will be signed in, but will remain unavailable until you click Available.

  1. If you previously signed out, with Do Not Disturb (DND) switched on, then you will now need to switch off DND. Refer to the next section, Make yourself temporarily unavailable for calls, to see how to switch off DND.


Make yourself temporarily unavailable for calls

There are other features available for call management in UC Office. These include DND (Do Not Disturb) which is a useful feature to set when you leave your desk for a quick break.

The Unavailable option, seen in the Preferences, General, Services, section may be used, but your extension is still reachable, which means everyone in the organisation can still attempt to reach you and transfer calls to you. Using the DND option, callers can see that you are busy and do not wish to be disturbed.

To set DND, proceed as follows.

  1. Under the Preferences, General section, click Incoming calls.

The Incoming Calls options appear.

  1. Under Incoming calls, click Do Not Disturb.

This indicates Do Not Disturb to a caller.

Ensure that you switch off Do Not Disturb when you return to your position in the Call Centre.


Sign out and make yourself unavailable for calls

At the end of your working day, you need to sign out and make yourself unavailable for calls. To do this, proceed as follows.

  1. Follow the previous section, Make yourself temporarily unavailable for calls, and switch on Do Not Disturb.
  2. Follow Step 1 to Step 4 of Sign in and make yourself available for calls.
  3. Under Queues, from the drop-down options, click Sign-Out.

You are now signed out, and unavailable to take calls.