Recording or changing the Auto Attendant announcement

This article is applicable to Cloud Direct's Hipcom VoIP platform.

The Auto Attendant provides automated responses and announcements to callers.

This feature is protected from unwanted changes by the application of a Voice Portal passcode. This passcode is NOT the same as your own Voicemail passcode, and is normally reserved for Administrator use only.

This article shows how to record or change an Auto Attendant announcement, using the Voice Portal.

For a description of other features provided by the Voice Portal, please refer to knowledge article KB0010578, Using the Voice Portal.


To carry out this procedure, you need your Voice Portal number and passcode. If you do not know the Voice Portal number or passcode, then contact your IT Manager, or contact the Cloud Direct Technical Services Team on 0800 078 9438, or at


Recording or changing the Auto Attendant announcement

To record a new announcement (greeting), or to change an existing one, follow the flowchart below, and refer to the associated Numbered notes that appear after the flowchart.

If you have an existing announcement and select the Record a new greeting option, then the new announcement replaces the old one.

Numbered notes

  1. Call the Voice Portal number to access the menu. You can either dial the Voice Portal DDI, or the short extension number.

If calling from a phone registered to the same site as the Auto Attendant then, after dialling the number, press the * key.

  1. When prompted,
    1. Enter your Voice Portal Extension number. You must enter the extension number for the Voice Portal (not your own extension number).
    2. Enter your Passcode. You must enter the passcode of the Voice Portal (not your own voicemail passcode).

You are presented with the Voice Portal Admin Menu.

  1. Press 1, to access the Record AA Announcement Menu.

You are presented with the Record AA Announcement Menu.

  1. Press 1, for a new Business hours greeting (announcement).

Alternatively, if you wish to record an After hours greeting, press 2.

You are presented with the Auto Attendant Greetings Menu.

  1. Press 1, to Record a new greeting (announcement).

Follow prompts, and record your new greeting.

Alternatively, press 2 to Listen to the current greeting, or press 3 to Revert to the system (default) greeting.

  1. If you wish to repeat the process for the After Hours greeting, then press * to be returned to the Record AA Announcement Menu.

Replace the handset when finished. Your new Auto Attendant announcement will be saved.