Sharing Workplace projects within a team

Datto Workplace, from Cloud Direct, enables teams to work together on projects, with access to project data stored in shared folders and files. Project data may be shared with teams and individuals within your organization (Full Team Members), or with external teams and individuals (Guest Members).

  • Full Members (within your Team)
    • These are people within your team/organisation, and may be simply and routinely invited to join your Datto Workplace project.
  • Guest Members (Public Links)
    • These allow you to share a single file or folder for a fixed period through a web link that you can send to as many people as you like. You can password protect the link and even allow people to upload files to the link, but their desktop content will not be synchronised with the Datto Workplace project. These would usually be used to allow quick access to files for clients or short-term partners.

This article shows how to share folders and files with Full Members, within teams. Once access to a folder is granted then members also have access to files or subfolders within that folder. It is not possible to grant access to a file without granting access to the folder.

To share Datto Workplace projects with external Guest Members, using Public Links, please refer to:


It is assumed that the reader is the project owner, or has full access rights, before starting this task.


Sharing project folders and files within a team

Enabling access

To enable access to a folder and its associated files within Datto Workplace, proceed as follows.

  1. Open the Workplace Online at the Projects tab.

  1. Locate the folder name that requires sharing, and then tick the checkbox to the left of it.
  2. Click Share, and then click Share Folder.

The Share Folder page opens.

  1. Complete entries on this page as required:
    1. Select Recipients - Type the email address of the team member requiring access to the folder. Alternatively, click the calling card in the right hand side of this text box, to reveal a list of Full Members on the Pick from Team page. Select recipients from the list by clicking the checkbox to the left of a name entry. Multiple entries may be selected. Click Done to finish selection and return to the Share Folder page.

  1. Grant Permissions – Grant access permissions to the new member as required; Full Access, Create and Modify, Modify, or Read-Only. To grant access, click on the required checkbox or, alternatively, drag the vertical slider up or down to select the required access level.

  1. Allow:
    1. Reshare – Tick this checkbox if you wish to allow recipients to share the folder with other Full Members.
    2. Public Links – Tick this checkbox if you wish to allow recipients to create Public Links to give access to external Guest Members.
  2. Send the share alert as a Text message – Tick this checkbox if you wish to send the Folder Share notification to the recipient via email text message. Use the Edit message link to open a text box where you can create your own text message, or use the message default.
  3. Click Share Folder.

The Projects page re-appears. The project folder name entry now indicates that internal team members have shared access to this folder and files within it. In the example below, one team member now has access.

A notification email is automatically sent to Team Members who have been granted access to the folder and associated files.


Team Member access

The Team Member receives a notification email. To access the folder, simply click on the shared folder link at the top of the message, or on View folder at the bottom of the message. You now have access to the folder and files within it.