Installing Datto Workplace on a desktop

This article describes how to install the Datto Workplace agent on a desktop PC or Mac workstation.

It contains the following sections

The first two sections describe the download process when you have been given a link to the appropriate install file. The last section shows how the Datto Workplace agent can be downloaded from Workplace Online.


Installing Datto Workplace on a Windows PC

To install Datto Workplace on a Windows PC, proceed as follows.

  1. Open your Welcome email containing a link to the appropriate Datto Workplace installation file.
  2. Click to open the link, and download the DattoWorkplace.exe file.

Datto Workplace install files for Windows or Mac workstations, or mobile devices may also be downloaded from the following url,

The DattoWorkplace.exe file is downloaded and appears on your System Tray. 

You may receive a message saying, "This type of file can harm your computer". If so, click Keep.

  1. Click the DattoWorkplace.exe file to start the Datto Workplace Setup wizard.
  2. Click Install.

The setup process begins, and the following User Account Control dialogue box appears.

  1. Click Yes.

You may receive the following notification.

  1. Click Close the applications and attempt to restart them. Then click OK.

The installation continues.

If you had an earlier version of Cloud Direct: ABC or Autotask, this is uninstalled, and replaced by the current version of Datto Workplace.

When the installation is complete, the following notification appears.

  1. Click Restart, to restart your computer and use the software now. Alternatively, click Close to end the installation and use your software when your computer restarts later.

An Datto Workplace Online shortcut icon is placed on your desktop.

The following icon appears in your system tray

If this icon is not visible, it may be hidden. Click the up-arrow to reveal hidden icons.


Installing Datto Workplace on a Mac workstation

To install the Datto Workplace agent on an Apple Mac workstation, proceed as follows.

  1. Open a browser, go to,, and click the Mac icon to download a .dmg file.
  1. Double-click the .dmg file to start the installation.

The Datto Workplace installer appears.

  1. Double-click the MacAgent.pkg icon.


The Install Sentinel window appears, with a prompt asking you to confirm the install.

  1. Click the Continue button.

The Installation Type screen appears.

  1. From here, if required, you can change the destination volume that the Datto Mac Agent will be installed to by clicking Change Install Location.
  2. When you are finished making changes, click Install to continue.

The Password prompt dialogue box appears.

  1. Enter the Username and Password of a local administrator then click Install Software.

The Password prompt dialogue box disappears, leaving the Install Sentinel window.

  1. Click Install.

A pop-up appears, indicating that you must restart your computer after the installation.

  1. Click Continue Installation.

The pop-up disappears, leaving the Install Sentinel window.

  1. Click Install.

The installation continues to completion. When finished, the following screen appears.

  1. Click the Restart button to restart your Mac.

When your Mac has restarted, the Datto Mac Agent icon appears in your toolbar. From here, you can view the About information, Check for Updates, toggle Prevent Sleep, or Quit Datto Mac Agent. After rebooting your Mac, you can pair the protected machine with your Datto appliance to begin taking backups.

The colour of the Datto Mac Agent icon changes depending on its status:

Blue means that the Datto Mac Agent is backing up your data to the Datto appliance.
Black means that the app is idle.
Red means there's a problem with the Datto Mac Agent.


Installing the Datto Workplace agent from Workplace Online

If you have access to Workplace Online, then the Datto Workplace agent may be downloaded and installed from there. Proceed as follows.

  1. Double-click the Datto Workplace Online icon on your desktop, to log into Workplace Online. 

You can also log into Workplace Online by:
     Opening a web browser, then going to, or by,
     Clicking the Datto Workplace icon in your System Tray, and then clicking Workplace Online.

Workplace Online opens on the Dashboard tab.

  1. Click the Devices tab, to open the Devices page.
  2. Click Install Workplace.

The following page appears.

  1. To install Workplace on your Windows desktop, click Windows. (If you're using a Mac, then click Mac).

  1. Now follow the instructions given earlier in this article:
    1. For Windows PC installation, go to Step 3 of Installing Datto Workplace on a Windows PC.
    2. For Apple Mac installation, go to Step 2 of Installing Datto Workplace on a Mac workstation.