Blocking an unwanted number with BroadCloud

With the BroadCloud VoIP network, each individual user can block unwanted numbers by using MyPhone. 

This article shows how to block an unwanted number using MyPhone. It contains the following sections:

For more information about using My Phone functions, please refer to the following Cloud Direct knowledge articles:


Accessing MyPhone

  1. Go to the Cloud Direct My Phone login page at
  2. Enter your User Name and Password, then click Login.

The My Phone portal opens. You must now set up a Schedule (identifying when to block), and a Rule (identifying what to block) for blocking the unwanted phone number.


Setting up a Schedule

The Schedule is set up in My Schedules. Proceed as follows.

  1. In MyPhone,click the My Rules tab, and then, from the left-hand navigation pane, click My Schedules.

The My Schedules page opens.

  1. In the text box to the right of Add New Schedule Here, enter a descriptive name for the schedule. In the example below, we have used, "BlockNumber".
  2. In the next textbox, click the dropdown arrow and, from the two options, click Time.
  3. Click the green circle, to the right of the textbox, to add this new schedule.

The Viewing an event window appears.

  1. Complete entries on this page as follows.
    1. Event Name - Add a descriptive name (for example "BlockNumber").
    2. All Day – Tick this checkbox. (This will grey out all the other options).

If you want to specify particular dates, days, or times, for blocking the unwanted number, then leave the All Day checkbox unticked, and create an Event schedule using the remaining options.

  1. Click Add This Event, and then close the Viewing an event window.

You will now see two new entries on the My Schedules page; one for the (BlockNumber) Schedule, and one for the (BlockNumber) Event.


Setting up a Rule

After setting up the Schedule; Time and Event, you must now set up a Rule, associated with this schedule, that will block the unwanted number.

  1. In the left-hand navigation pane, click My Rules.

  1. From the My Rules page, click the drop-down box and, from the options, select Reject Calls. Then click the green circle to the right of the drop-down.

The Rejection Rule page appears.

  1. Complete entries on this page as follows.
    1. Rule name – Enter, Blocked.
    2. Action – Select Reject Calls (this will auto-populate from the previous step)
    3. Time Schedule – Click the drop-down arrow and, from the options, select the "Blocked" Time schedule which you created. (In our example, this is BlockNumber).  
    4. Calls from – Select, Following phone numbers. Then add the number that you want to block, and click the green "plus" icon to the right of the number.
  2. Click, Save.

The new rule is active upon creation, and now appears on the My Rules page.

Schedules, numbers, or events may be deleted by selecting the red icon that appears alongside any created entry.