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Back up HP StoreEasy to the cloud with HP LiveVault

Complete offsite data protection with HP LiveVault online server backup


HP LiveVault: free 30-day trial

Back up HP StoreEasy to the cloud with HP LiveVault

Complete offsite data protection with HP LiveVault online server backup

What would happen if a pipe burst in your building and leaked over your servers and onsite backup device? You could lose all your critical data in one night. To protect your data in a disaster, you need to make sure you can access it offsite.

HP LiveVault will back up your HP StoreEasy data offsite, giving your business complete data protection in the cloud. It’s a leading cloud server backup and archiving product that currently manages over 50 petabytes of customer data worldwide/

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Store Easy Legally Compliant

You are legally compliant

HP LiveVault offers multiple file versions and up to seven years retention. It is compliant with the Data Protection Act, PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and the EU Data Protection Directive. Your data is protected every step of the way, with stringent protocols, including 256-bit AES encryption on data during transfer and storage to the data centres. It follows best practices in Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

You are secure

You are secure

Automated, policy-driven backups mean you can just ‘set and forget’. It only captures incremental data changes (rather than re-capturing existing data all over again), which saves on backup time and storage costs.

HP LiveVault protects HP StoreEasy Storage against theft, corruption and disaster. Data is stored in Tier-3, EU only datacentres, and data is replicated to a secondary datacentre for extra redundancy.

It fully integrates with VMware vSphere, delivering fast and efficient backups through vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP), with full support for Changed Block Tracking (CBT). LiveVault provides stable backups of open files and frequently changing databases, with Applications Awareness for Microsoft Exchange and SQL servers.

You are in control

You are in control

An online management portal allows you to create backup policies, set bandwidth throttle limits, access reports, logs and self-service restores. Data restores are available via the internet or a dedicated restore device sent to your site.

HP LiveVault: free 30-day trial

Simple, central storage for your critical files and applications

This is centralised, onsite data storage made easy. No matter your business size or number of sites, StoreEasy’s straightforward features mean simple management.

Office workers, satellite workers and remote workers alike can all access files concurrently. And your storage capacity shoots up by 50-60 percent, thanks to StoreEasy’s data de-duplication.

Easy integration, fast deployment

HP StoreEasy integrates easily into new and existing environments, including dedicated high-speed storage area networks (SANs).

Installation and network configuration wizards simplify installation and prevent configuration errors for faster StoreEasy deployment.

You can also install and run endpoint protection on StoreEasy, saving you from having to connect to an external endpoint protection server.

Time and cost savings

You can file sync and share from anywhere, which saves your employees time and your business, money.


Data transfer is secured with SMB3 encryption and signing, file system encryption and BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Antivirus and backup keep you secure, while continuous health monitoring, online self-healing and maintenance help prevent business and user disruption.


With HP LiveVault and HP StoreEasy combined, you get:

  • Fully secure, storage with onsite and offsite data protection that covers your business against every eventuality
  • Long-term retention settings (seven-year archiving) to address compliance needs
  • An offsite copy of selected data to protect your business in a disaster scenario without having to use a risky tape-based approach
  • EU Data Protection Directive compliance
  • A fully scalable cloud backup solution for any data set sizes
  • Built-in protection for open files

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About Cloud Direct

About Cloud Direct

We’ve been supporting our customers on HP LiveVault since 2003. So we can pass on the benefit of our experience and knowledge of online backup to our customers.

We can also deploy LiveVault to protect any other onsite servers or virtual servers you may have. That way, you can save time and money by managing all your offsite backups with one product and company.

Our LiveVault customers benefit from:

  • 24/7 support
  • 99.9% uptime and a financially-backed SLA
  • An ISO 20000 (IT service management) and ISO 27001 (IT security) accredited service
  • A pure cloud specialist; since 2003, we’ve moved 4,000 UK organisations to the cloud

"One of the best technology investment decisions we have ever made"

Steve Pickering, practice manager, McParland Williams