Microsoft Licences - What are you paying for, and how do you know what you need?

Wednesday 25th January, 10:00 – 10:45

Maximise your Microsoft licence investment 

Start 2023 by discovering what Microsoft licences you’re paying for and start assessing what you need. We’re here to help you understand how to gain control of your licences to ensure they align with your requirements.

Our experts are hosting a webinar to help you understand your Microsoft Licences and how you can ensure you’re maximising your licences. Sign up to learn more.

Who is this event for? IT professionals looking to understand how to maximise value from their Microsoft Licences.

During this webinar, we will be highlighting


Understand the difference between the Microsoft New Commerce Experience and the legacy CSP model.

What is in my Microsoft license?

Discover what’s included within your Microsoft licences, and start assessing whether what you’re using is best suited for your business’s requirements.

How do I track what I’m using?

Learn how to track your licences and usage to help identify opportunities for you to scale up or down on specific licences.

Which license is right for my organisation?

Are you using the licences that are best suited for your organisation? We’ll help you understand which licences you need to be using.

How do I maximise my ROI?

Everyone wants to see the return on investment, right? We’re here to show you how to maximise your investment in your Microsoft Licences.

When should I step-up my licensing?

It’s important you know when to step up your Microsoft licencing. Our experts will help you understand when you would need to upgrade your licencing.

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