10 Reasons VoIP is Essential for your Business

10 Reasons VoIP is Essential for your Business

According to a Point Topic report, by the end of 2012 there were a healthy 151.5 million global subscribers to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony. 4.7 million of those subscribers were UK-based, where tens of billions of pounds have been spent replacing analogue lines with an IP based network. As VoIP penetration continues to rise across the UK, for businesses of all sizes the move from analogue to VoIP is a no-brainer. Here are 10 reasons why.

  1. Mobile working: In the early days, users could only access a VoIP network from a computer. Today, however, we can access VoIP networks from any mobile device with an Internet connection. Employees who are either frequently on the road, work at multiple locations or at home are all still connected to the same phone system. They can be reached on one single number, which connects via a fixed line - both those factors make for slick, high quality and professional communications.
  2. High-definition call quality: Landlines still transmit voice signals in analogue. VoIP, however, converts analogue signals to digital, which provides high definition phone calls for better voice and call quality.
  3. Lower costs: Prices are significantly lower, and billed by the second with no connection charge. Internal company phone extension calls are free, no matter how remotely located the company worker.
  4. Increased efficiency: Compared to analogue, VoIP integrates much more easily into CRM applications. Top benefits include the ability to implement changes more quickly - for example when users move, need to be added or need their details changing.
  5. Good for any size of business: One thing all businesses have in common is the need to cut costs and increase productivity. VoIP directly addresses these requirements.
  6. Hassle-free hosted cloud telephony: A hosted cloud solution will give you automatic software updates and zero maintenance worries. You can get on with focusing on your business. What's more, one portal controls everything, regardless of various employee locations; you can make remote changes quickly and easily from a single point. Hosted VoIP also negates the need for multiple physical lines. Instead, you can make concurrent calls on one data line.
  7. No capital expenditure: Hosted VoIP requires no capital investment, upgrade or service costs.
  8. Supports growth: Cloud hosted VoIP is the ideal solution for rapidly growing businesses. New lines, users and features can easily be added as and when required, while multiple inbound geographic and non-geographic numbers can be configured over a single internet connection. Low cost international calls are another bonus.
  9. Ideal for disaster recovery/business continuity: Physical crises such as fire or flood have no impact on a VoIP phone system. This is because all settings, routings and configurations are saved remotely, in the cloud. And you will still be able to access your phone system remotely, from any location with an Internet connection. 

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