250,000 laptops are stolen in the UK each year

250,000 laptops are stolen in the UK each year

Each year over 250,000 laptops are stolen in the UK. Plus many more lost.

If you're at a hotspot such as Heathrow Airport, you may be one of 900 that report their laptop stolen - each week!

We all know that laptops are getting cheaper by the week - so the loss of the machine is not often critical - indeed, it's a good excuse to buy a new one that will run Windows 7.

But losing the contents can be devastating. The problems are three fold: losing hard-to-replace data, disruption to the business trip you're on, and exposure of sensitive data to third-parties.

60% of business information sits on laptops. Some of it will be backed up - but a lot will not - especially recent changes to key files.

If the key files lost are a PowerPoint presentation, proposal and supporting information - all prepared for a key client presentation you're about to give in New York - then the loss of the data is but nothing compared with the costs of the trip, the embarrassment and the missed sales opportunity.

Perhaps worst is if the laptop is carrying sensitive information - your own, your customers' or individual data. Allowing this information to be exposed is negligent. As a minimum it's embarrassing.

And help is at hand.

Online backup is proven, simple, automated and available now. An individual, a team or an entire fleet of laptops can be backing up online within a few hours.

Protecting data from exposure is just as simple - not with complex full disk encryption - but with a simple managed solution that ensures only you can ever get to your data.

The problem is not going away - the number of laptops stolen is increasing six percent each year.

The technology used by Backup Direct is now protecting three million machines.

Take a look at this IDC Whitepaper on some of the things to consider when choosing a credible online backup solution. 

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