A is for Access

A is for Access

Cloud security hit the headlines recently when one of the largest consumer file sharing services suffered a security breach. This proved to highlight how critical it is that cloud service providers deliver a secure service that users can rely on to access and share their data. This is especially true when providing secure systems for businesses. Cloud Direct’s new product Cloud Direct : ABC provides exactly this reassurance. It is a business storage tool that uses cloud technology to enable companies to access files at any time and on any device including smart phones, tablets, PCs and laptops.

The Cloud Direct : ABC system provides a link between the user’s cloud account and all their computers. With an intuitive and easy to use dashboard, users can access, share and review their files stored on the cloud. Furthermore, the dashboard details your storage use, different devices hooked up to the cloud and your teams’ projects allowing you to easily see and interact with them.

As the business environment today requires that employees can access information and communicate from just about anywhere, Cloud Direct : ABC provides a sophisticated solution that makes the management of files both simple and incredibly secure. Enabling you to access and share files on over 700 devices ultimately making you more efficient and freeing up your valuable time.

Check out our new video about how Cloud Direct : ABC lets you access your information through its easy-to-use features and sharing capabilities: http://www.clouddirect.net/

B is for Backup

C is for Collaboration



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