ABC: Email Upload for Public Links

ABC: Email Upload for Public Links

Do you collect content with people outside of your organisation?

Pretend you are an events person or a tradeshow organiser or any person coordinating content from a number of sources.

As a tradeshow organiser, there are a number of moving parts, but an especially difficult and time consuming element is coordinating the speakers and their presentations for the event. It is an exhaustive process sending emails to the different speakers asking for their presentations, receiving updates at the last minute, as well as the possibility that the speaker sent the wrong or outdated version.

Never fear! ABC Workplace is here!

We’ve recently added the capability for Public Links that are Upload Enabled to accept files via email from any user.

Before this upgrade, only the ABC account holder could email files to a Project or folder, as it was bound to his source email address. Now, it is possible to have anyone upload a file by sending an attachment to the Project email address.

To take advantage of this new option, simply enable Public Links in the way you are accustomed. Log in to ABC Online, choose the Project or folder you would like to enable Public Access for, then choose the “Upload Enabled” option. Now the Project email address will appear. This is the email address you give to those who you want to upload content.

You can also customise your Public Link options the way you normally do. If you are a tradeshow organiser or someone else who is coordinating content on a short-term basis, you might want to only allow upload for a short time. This will prevent people from emailing into the Project after you remove this privilege.

Of course, ABC’s security mechanisms come into play here as well, as all inbound e-mail attachments are automatically virus-scanned.

How does it work?

First, give the Project email address to those who you want to upload. See above for where the Project email address lives.

Then, all they need to do is send an email with their files attached.

And the files will automatically be uploaded to the Project.

Both the ABC Workplace Member and the Public User will receive confirmation of the upload success.

Here’s how you (the ABC Workplace user) will see the uploaded content…

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