ABC: Favourites

ABC: Favourites

Let’s pretend you’re a sales rep giving a presentation to clients at their office. What happens when you lose Internet access in the conference room and the IT guy is nowhere to be found? Relying on mobile access is not (always) an option.

Whether it’s behind the desk or on the road, easy and uninhibited access to your important documents is a priority and can make the difference between a good or bad sales pitch. With ABC Workplace, we have that covered.

Favourites are available on your Dashboard in the mobile apps and ABC Online. The benefits are two-fold: not only do you get quick and easy access to documents you can’t afford to lose, but Favourites are also downloaded to your mobile device which makes them available when you are offline.

Favourites as a Shortcut for Easy Access

The lifespan of every Project, folder or file can be unique. Some Projects are lengthy with files being added and worked on for months or even years. Other Projects are sprints with a short-term purpose such as a campaign targeting a specific set of customers or a seasonal promotion.

The files you need are always changing depending on what you are working on. Most people spend a majority of their time working on a few Projects or with a select number of files. Whether in the ABC Workplace mobile apps or in ABC Online, simply click the “star icon” or choose “Favourite” in the dropdown menu to add or remove a file to or from your Favourites list.

All of your Favourites will appear here, and you can quickly access them with a tap from your finger or a click from a mouse without having to navigate through your entire Project structure of files and folders.

Using Favourites to Download Files on Mobile

Remember our sales rep on the road with the client? The rep who marks the most recent corporate sales presentation as a Favourite has one less distraction to worry about when selling. He or she not only has access to the most up to date content for the customer, but the file is available even when there is no connection.

Getting the right content into the hands of every sales rep sounds simple, but in practice this can be challenging when you have hundreds or even thousands of feet on the street. Sales reps want to focus more on people, less on files. When Marketing updates a presentation marked as a Favourite through ABC Workplace, the new file will automatically update without any required actions on the part of the sales rep. The marketing department doesn’t have to worry anymore about hassling sales reps who might otherwise be talking to customers with outdated sales presentations.

Another important thing to know about your Favourite Projects, folders and files is that they are the SAME, whether you are in the ABC Workplace mobile apps or ABC Online. If you know you will need a specific file while you are at the office, simply mark it as a Favourite, and the next time you launch your mobile app, the Favourites will sync everywhere.

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