ABC: Public Links

ABC: Public Links

Sending large files can be a serious pain. Gmail, one of the most popular email platforms among consumers and businesses alike, allows you to send files up to 25 MB. You can get around this limit through data compression (e.g. – Win Zip), FTP or by storing files on a thumbnail drive.

But none of these technologies can account for one critical factor: human error. Something as basic as sending the wrong version of a file, a working draft instead of the final copy. Or worse, you may find yourself apologizing to your boss for sending the right price quote to the wrong customer.

Taking things a step further, what would you do if you had sent an unedited video clip of something you found on YouTube to your company’s global sales force of 1,000 people when they are expecting to receive a product demonstration of the company’s latest products instead?

This rarely happens, but it’s the type of event that can have serious ramifications if it happens even once. When you send a file through ABC as a Public Link, you can fix your mistake before the recipient even realises you made one!

Generally speaking, ABC Users create Public Links to securely share large files with other people they work with, typically Connections or non-ABC Users. Anyone who receives the Public Link can access its contents within the parameters defined by the sender.

Other users use Public Links to make email work better as well as an FTP Replacement. With email, you can’t send large files easily, and it’s especially time consuming when sending to a large number of people. Even then you have no way to know when it was accessed, if at all.

Public Links make content distribution of large files to many people very easy.

You can generate a Public Link for any Project, folder or files. And we offer a number of options that let you customise each link to best suit your needs.

You can control the type of link, whether read-only or download enabled, duration of availability (Public Links with an expiration date!), as well as password protection, just to name a few.

Creating a Public Link for a Project

Once you are logged in to ABC Online, choose the Project you want, and click the arrow to the far right and choose “Create Public Link”. 

Now you can customise your preferences.

A “Standard Link” will securely share the file via ABC in a browser, whereas a “Direct Link” will immediately begin the file download once the link is accessed.

Then you can decide if you want to share the “Original Files” or if you only want to enable “PDF Versions” of the files. This is a great option if you don’t want the person to change the content. For example, if you are a sales rep sending a price quote to a client, you wouldn’t want them to have editing rights. 

When enabling Public Access for a Project or folder, you will have the additional option to allow the user to upload files as well. This is great for the occasion when you are collaborating with someone who is creating content for you. 

Creating a Public Link for a File

The steps for creating a Public Link for a file are mostly the same. Simply navigate to the file you want to make Public, then click the link icon toward the top of the page and then choose your preferences. 

Sending the Public Link

Once Public Access is enabled, just click “Send Link” and follow the steps. You can enter your recipients email address and message. 

The user will receive an email message with a link to the Project, folder or file. 

Quick Tip

Just click the link you need to quickly copy it to your clipboard for you to paste anywhere you like. 

Can I see all of my active Public Links?

Great question! On the Dashboard of both the mobile apps and ABC Online, your Public Links (both the ones you created and the ones you have access to) are visible.

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