ABC: Selective Sync

ABC: Selective Sync

As your business accumulates more and more content, syncing down all of your Projects can begin to weigh on your machine. You can save disk space by syncing down only the Projects you need!

It’s really easy to manage the Projects you sync to your computer:

Click “Open Cloud Direct : ABC Preferences” on Mac or “Open Cloud Direct : ABC Agent” on Windows.

Click the “Projects” tab on Mac or “Settings” on Windows.

By default, all and new Projects will sync down automatically. If you have Projects synced that you don’t want, click on your desired Project, then click Unsync. Then choose the “Ask me before syncing” or “Don’t ask me option”, whichever you prefer.  If you choose “Ask me before syncing”, when a new Project is shared, you will have to manually select it from the Project list.

To add Projects that are not synced to your machine, click “Sync Project” for a list of Projects. If you are worried about disk space, you can sync down your most relevant Projects or the smallest ones.

And that’s it! Syncing only necessary Projects is a great way to keep your disk space free and you can feel confident that you will always have the most up-to-date content when you need it.

And don’t worry, not every Project needs to be synced to your computer for you to access it. For the Projects you don’t sync, you can navigate to Cloud Direct : ABC Online to access and take action on all of your Projects.

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