ABC: Smart Locking

ABC: Smart Locking

When collaborating with your Team, there’s always a chance that two or more people will try to edit the same document. This can lead to someone yelling at someone else or worse, important edits are lost due to miscommunication. With ABC, you don’t have to worry about losing anyone’s edits! When two or more people open the same document, ABC recognises the problem and creates a “conflict file” for each person who opens and saves changes when multiple people are working on the same file. But managing conflict files can still be a pain.

With our Smart Locking feature, it’s easy to avoid conflict files and ensure that everyone on the Team stays up to date with the latest content.

Getting Started

To take advantage of Smart Locking, you need to make sure the ABC Desktop Agent is installed.

Windows Users

Microsoft Office files are automatically locked when a user begins editing files locally, preventing conflicting versions of a single file from being generated by other Team Members. When a user saves changes and closes the document, Smart Locking automatically unlocks the document, which opens up access for other Team Members.

Mac Users

The auto-lock feature described above for Windows Users is in develop2ment and coming soon for Mac Users. In the meantime, Windows Users can right click on any file and select “Lock for Me” on the pop-up menu.

After the user selects this option, they receive a notification from ABC that the file was successfully locked.

Mobile Users

With ABC Workplace installed on a smartphone or tablet, users can lock files for editing as well when they are away from the office. Before opening the file to make changes, the app will automatically prompt a user to lock the file, and the option to “Enable Auto Lock” for all future edits is also available.

What Did I Lock and How Do Other Team Members Know?

When a file is successfully locked, Team Members viewing it within Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) may notice an icon that indicates a file has been locked. In addition to the icon, they will receive a desktop notification and the file will only offer read-only access until it is unlocked. We have also updated the Dashboard in ABC Online and the mobile apps to include overviews of Locked Files (and Public Links) for quick and easy access.

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