ABC: Stop Emailing Yourself!

ABC: Stop Emailing Yourself!

How many times have you sent yourself an email before you leave the office so you could work with that file once you got home? Or so you could access that file on your mobile device?

No one likes doing this, and most people probably feel old-fashioned when they type their own email in the “To” field, and click “Send” from their own email.

Well, those days are over!

If you have a computer at work and at home or other device, a quick fix is to simply install the ABC Desktop Agent on both computers. Any files you add to your ABC Workplace folder at the office will appear at home. You can also manage which Projects you have on your home computer with Selective Sync.

You might not have the Desktop Agent installed on one (or both) of your computers that you need to transfer these files from. While we recommend that you install the Desktop Agent, there is another way! Simply log in to ABC Online, and drag and drop the files into the Project or folder that you want and access it from any browser.

Once you’re on your mobile device, all of your Projects, folders and files will be accessible. If you’re a mobile worker using a smartphone or tablet, how inefficient is it to send yourself a presentation, download it, open it in an additional editing app, then resend the file to yourself and finally download it again? Just add it to a Project, open it on your iPad, edit it directly within the ABC Workplace app and all the changes will be automatically synced back with all of your computers and devices, as well as with Team Members or Connections that you are working with.

That’s much easier isn’t it? This is just one of the ways ABC Workplace can help streamline your business workflows and processes and minimize the trivial tasks that accompany the typical day at the office. Your time will be spent more efficiently and your workday will be much more productive.

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