ABC: Super Search!

ABC: Super Search!

You’re walking out of the office after a long day when you get a call from your boss.

Sound familiar yet?

He needs you to update that sales presentation you barely remember working on. Of course, the client needs it ASAP!

How about now?

The problem is, as a business user, you have tons of presentations to choose from, many of which closely resemble one another. You need to be able to access your content quickly, and as your company file system grows, this becomes increasingly difficult.

We can help.

The Search function within ABC is not your average Search tool. In ABC Online, the Search bar follows you as you navigate through your Projects, folders and files. Anything you are looking for, just type it in to the bar. By default, it will search within your context.

Once you actually run the search for your content, a number of different filtering options appear that will make your life easier.

You can search by “Type” which includes Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Media Files and even Comments.

You can also choose your matching preference to “All of the Words”, “Any of the Words” or “The Exact Phrase” as well as choose a “Date Modified” timeframe.

You can also choose the “Source” of the search. As previously mentioned, by default, the search occurs within your previous location. You can search within all or specific Projects, all or specific Computers or a combination of both.

Within ABC mobile apps, the same is true, and it is especially useful. Can you imagine sifting through thousands of files on your phone on tablet? You’re only a few taps away from finding the exact file you need, when you need it.

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