ABC: Text Message Notifications

ABC: Text Message Notifications

Text message notifications are a great way to collaborate when time is a factor. They enable you to receive comments and file notifications instantly, so you can stay in the loop when you are away from your computer or out of the office.

When you are working with your Team, it’s easy to stay up-to-date with files and receive comments as they are added, all in real-time.

Setting Up Text Message Notifications

Before you get started, make sure you have text message notifications enabled. Just login to ABC Online, click “Settings” in the top right, and then “Personal Information” on the left.

Make sure you have entered your phone number, using the +44 country code in place of the 0. And then check the box on the bottom that will “Allow Cloud Direct : ABC to send you SMS Notifications.”

Sending Notifications via Text Message

Once you have set up your phone to receive Text Message notifications, you will be able to receive alerts when you are out of the office. When you send new comments to Team Members and Connections, for example, make sure to check the box for “SMS” and the user will be notified (see above).

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