ABC: The Speed Of Sync

ABC: The Speed Of Sync

Files syncing slowly? Bump up your network throttle and set sync controls!

In the ABC Desktop Agents for both Windows and Mac, we set the default sync speed at a slower rate to help combat network bottleneck on slower connections.

We let you choose the sync speed and controls based on your preferences…

  • If you want to sync down a large Project or always want to get your files faster, you can bump up your network throttle.
  • You can set different speeds for different connections, whether Ethernet, WiFi or even a network hotspot.
  • You can also define the times in when you want to use the fastest speed so you can better utilise your bandwidth during peak and off hours. For example, you might want to use your fastest connection after normal business hours when the office is empty and more bandwidth is available.

Just open up your ABC Desktop Agent Preferences on your computer, click to the “Network” tab and adjust your preferences as you see fit. Happy Syncing!

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