ABC: There Can Be Only One

ABC: There Can Be Only One

Email is not built for collaboration and is fatally flawed when it comes to productive teamwork with poor attachment tracking, no specific project management, versioning problems and disorganised feedback.

What invariably happens when collaborating via email, file names are appended with “Jim’s Edits”, “Version3” or “FINAL.” Take the presentation below, for example. New and updated versions are constantly being emailed amongst the team, appended with ad-hoc version numbers or dates at the end of the filename, and then shuttled around by e-mail for comment.

While this happens most often in email, most ABC Users are guilty of perpetuating this mortal sin of version explosion. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

When you update any file in the ABC Workplace, a new version is automatically created, and you don’t have to do anything other than click “Save.” With our sync technology, the most up-to-date version is available for your Team, and on all of their devices.

In ABC Online, any file that has multiple versions will have the number of versions next to the Team Member or Connection’s name who last changed the file.

For an expanded view of the version history, click the Commenting icon in the top navigation bar.

What if I don’t want anyone else to edit the file while I am working on it?

Great question! With Smart Locking, any Team Member or Connection with editing privileges can lock the file, ensuring no other edits can be made during that time. Once editing is complete, just Unlock the file, and the rest of the Team can make their edits or changes.

You can lock the file in either ABC Online or on your desktop.

In ABC Online, simply click the dropdown arrow for the file you want and click “Lock.”

On the desktop, right click on the file you want and click “Lock for Me.”

In the event that multiple Team Members or Connections edit the same file at the same time, we provide a safety net for you. The ABC Workplace service will detect that there is a conflict, and create a new file branch. Whoever edits the file second, a new version will be created with their name appended.

And we store all versions of your files for 6 months. So when you need to find the version of an email campaign from last quarter that has been subsequently changed, you can revert in just a few clicks.

Just click the dropdown arrow for the file you want and click “Previous Versions”.

Here, you will be presented with specific information about the versions, and if you want to revert to an older version, simply click the dropdown arrow again and choose “Revert.”

With ABC Workplace, you’re not going to lose your edits, so stop renaming versions and let us take care of the hard part.

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