ABC: Updating Storage Quotas

ABC: Updating Storage Quotas

If you’re the Admin on your ABC Team, you have the responsibility of empowering your users with the tools needed to succeed. And there are a number of things you can do to make your users happy and productive.

Today, one of the tips we are talking about it updating user’s storage quotas. By default, when a new Team Member is created, their storage quota will be set at 2 GB.

This reserves the right for the Admin to allocate storage as necessary, instead of a free-for-all for Members and provides a safety net that ensures that a particular user does not unexpectedly utilise the entire Team’s quota.

Know Your Roles

Different roles within a Team will call for different quotas. For instance, a content creator on the Marketing Team will be producing more media rich content than a person on the Finance Team.

As a great Admin, you should be aware of the different roles on your Team and manage your storage accordingly.

As a user approaches their storage limit, they will be notified via email. Additionally, you (as an Admin) will receive an alert when someone exceeds their quota so you can take appropriate action.

Updating Quota

Updating a Team Member’s storage quota is very quick and painless.

From the Team tab (shown above), choose the Member whose quota you want to update. Then click “Edit”. In this view you will also be provided with a snapshot of the Member’s Latest Activity, Projects as well as a pie chart that breaks down their quota usage.

Then click on “User Storage” and choose the amount of storage you want to give them. Again, remember their roles on your Team and keep in mind it is always easier to give more storage in the future than take it away.

The Project Owner

Another fact you should know is that a user’s quota will be affected by content added to Projects he or she owns. For instance, if Steve is the Project Owner and he shares the Project with Sue, and Sue adds 5 GB of content to the Project, only Steve will have used 5 GB of his storage.

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