B is for Backup

B is for Backup

Cloud Direct has recently released Cloud Direct : ABC, an alternative to the consumer focused Dropbox but aimed specifically at businesses. High tech Security and backup measures underpin all the core features making it perfect for businesses to use, share and store files.

As soon as Cloud Direct : ABC is downloaded onto computers, file locations are selected to be backed up onto the cloud. From there, files can be viewed at any time, retrieved and shared via your online dashboard, regardless of whether or not the computer is switched on.

The files are backed up in real time, as files are worked on or changed and multiple versions of the file are kept just in case previous versions need to be accessed.

The great thing about this software is that critical company data is protected and stored from all computers in one location. This eradicates a lot of the hassle traditionally caused by backing up files on multiple computers. Files are automatically organized logically with simple to use search facility. And because the files are updated in real time, when work is saved the files instantly become accessible from anywhere.

A is for Access

C is for Collaboration



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