British Airways extends outsourcing programme

British Airways extends outsourcing programme

British Airways has extended its contract with a large outsourcing firm.

WNS Holdings was already providing the airline with a number of process services - including customer care, revenue management and accounting and data management.

Part of the agreement also involves the outsourcing of IT security, which the firm is well known for providing.

Excellent value for money and return-on-investment from the arrangement are thought to be among reasons for the extension and British Airways has highlighted how happy it is with the services WNS has provided over the past few years.

Philip Osmond, director of business services at British Airways, said: "The company has a highly professional and experienced delivery team, which clearly understands our project goals and requirements.

"This has enabled us to realise significant cost efficiency and business value operationally, over the years."

WNS and British Airways has had a long-standing relationship that started back in 1996 when only 1,000 transactions were handled a month. This has now risen to more than one million.

Chief executive of WNS Keshav Murugesh said: "[We] are thrilled to continue our long-standing relationship with British Airways. This extension re-enforces the value of our strategic partnership."

Companies all over the world are now realising the importance of effectively handling security arrangements to reduce liability and costs. Outsourcing IT security to a specialist firm offers benefits by both reducing time commitments and costs associated with building and maintaining an in-house team.

In the UK, a number of companies have been hit by scandals relating to a lack of security - with victims ranging from the Ministry of Defence to Glasgow City Council.

Not only is losing data immoral and potentially dangerous for those exposed - it is also bad for corporate social responsibility reputations and could cause permanent damage that will only be resolved with a costly re-brand or name change.

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