British school takes steps to thwart cyber attacks

British school takes steps to thwart cyber attacks

One of the oldest schools in the UK has taken steps to improve its cyber processes after important information was lost, it has been reported.

St. Peter's School in York, the third oldest in the UK is introducing the measures after the stick containing sensitive documents relating to the governance of the school went missing. It was revealed that the stick was not password protected.

Chris Richter, senior vice president of managed security services at Level 3, told that schools can be particularly vulnerable to cyber attackers.

Information such as home addresses, phone numbers, medical information and student ID numbers are often in high demand by attackers.

Mr Richter said that schools need to take more robust steps to protect this information to ensure they do not fall prey to an attack.

Encryption and adding passwords can help to prevent a cyber attack on a school, according to Mr Richter.

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