Business as Usual Whatever the Weather

Business as Usual Whatever the Weather

With advanced warnings, over the last few days of 12 hours of heavy snowfall today, did any of us really heed  the Weatherman this week? It seems many of us in the office underestimated the forecasted warnings of “atrocious weather” conditions instead waiting until  the last minute to see if we could get into work.

As we’re all very aware the weather man was spot on and 75% of staff were unable to make it into the office. With little hassle  we activated our  Business Continuity plan to ensure service operations  for our customers remained unaffected despite having a skeleton crew in our HQ office here in Bath

At Cloud Direct we are lucky that some forward planning made the transition for workers to work from home simple. Our Business Continuity plan (a necessary requirement of the ISO 27001 certification) is further helped by the fact that as well as vending a wide range of  Cloud Services  our entire business infrastructure utilises the Cloud - so practice what we preach.

Cloud solutions allow our workers to work from home, on the road or any from any PC just as if they were sat at their desks. Our Hosted telephone system can turn their home phone / mobile phone or even their computer into their office phone, receiving and making work calls exactly as they would in the office; The phone system maintains internal extensions and calling groups and even masks their personal number with their main office one.  They have full access to their emails and files from all their devices and can communicate internally with instant messenger applications.

Sometimes it can take events such as these to really cement in your mind the continuity benefits of Cloud services. Whether employees appreciate it or not, businesses now have  the ability to continue Business-as-Usual whatever the weather.

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