BYOD security risks

BYOD security risks

Our latest survey has revealed the grim news that more than half (51%) of businesses either aren’t (24%) or don’t know (27%) if they are protected from the security risks of Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) into the working environment.

In fact, fewer than half (49%) of the 366 business and IT managers surveyed, believed their business to be protected from the security risks of using personal mobile devices for work.

This is despite the fact that an estimated 47% of all employees now use their smartphone, tablet PC or other portable device for work purposes, according to a 2013 YouGov survey. Unchecked, there are serious consequences of poor BYOD management. You can, quite literally, have the devil to pay: a potential £500k fine for a serious customer data breach.

The seven deadly sins: how not to manage BYOD

For a secure, legal and yet flexible business, it’s critical to address some basic fundamentals. Are you aware of the seven grave mistakes you can make when it comes to BYOD management? They are as follows:

  1. Doing nothing
  2. Making hasty purchasing decisions
  3. Creating heavy admin
  4. Narrowing the scope of device support
  5. Complicating employee support
  6. Not separating – and respecting – personal data
  7. Ineffective enforcement of policies for both personal and corporate devices.

To find out more, download e-book two in our five e-book series comprising The BYOD Bible. Get e-book two here, The Seven Deadly Sins: how not to manage BYOD



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