C is for Collaboration

C is for Collaboration

Cloud Direct recently released Cloud Direct : Access, Backup and Collaboration, an enterprise class piece of software that allows business files to be shared securely. Files are organised into projects and are available where and when you want them. In our latest video, we demonstrate the benefits that Cloud Direct : ABC has to offer in terms of collaboration capabilities for companies of any size.

When Cloud Direct : ABC is installed onto a computer, a folder called ‘Cloud Direct Projects’ is created. It is in this folder that files are saved and organised into projects. Different employees can be given access to different projects. All project files are synced in real time on to all team members’ computers making the document as up-to-date as possible when viewed.

Cloud Direct : ABC also allows any team member with access to the project the opportunity to post comments alongside different files, which every team member can then see. When a team member edits a project file, the other individuals are then notified of the change by pop-up, SMS or email. Cloud Direct : ABC allows a team member to create temporary public links to files meaning you will never have to attach a file to an email again.

All projects are encrypted meaning that files are highly secure when shared. In addition, a file creator has complete control over who has access to the file and who can edit it. So as teams members change with time their permission levels can be adjusted.

A is for Access

B is for Backup


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