CASE STUDY - Clifton Insurance Consultants

CASE STUDY - Clifton Insurance Consultants

‘Fully comp cover’ against data loss with Cloud Direct

Clifton Insurance Consultants is a well-established Insurance Brokerage founded in 1997 by Nigel Parkinson. Nigel has specialised in providing a highly competitive and fully personalised service to both commercial and domestic clients.

Paperless office

Commercial Insurance is a very document intensive business, so making the groundbreaking decision to go paperless was very significant indeed.

Company owner, Nigel Parkinson said, “I wanted to realise the dream of running an efficient paperless office. The actual process of scanning the files onto the computer was not too difficult. The main and on-going issue came from the mounting volume and value of the data that was stored on the computer and backed up to a separate removable hard drive daily.

Data security

Nigel revealed, “The fear of a fire or break in at my office and subsequent loss of data led me to back up everything every night. As you can imagine this became a chore as the amount of data steadily increased.”

Nigel went on to say “I also had concerns about losing all my data as a consequence of an IT failure which would have left me unable to operate my business.

This concern led me to search the market for a reliable, remote backup company. I interviewed three potential partners, but one stood out from the crowd; Cloud Direct.

Easy to use

Nigel reported, “The installation of the PC backup solution was very straightforward exercise and the operational software package is remarkably easy to use. Backups take place automatically every night without the need for any operator intervention.” Nigel added, “I most certainly did not think I would ever have the need to test the system to its absolute limits, but just recently I had a complete computer hardware failure and the subsequent requirement was the need to replace the computer and then set about restoring all the data. I have to admit I was.


Nigel then said, “How many times do you buy a product that offers huge potential and promises the earth, yet fails to deliver when you need it most? I admit I did have a few such nagging worries about restoring my data. I spoke to the highly responsive technical team at Cloud Direct and they said not to worry as everything was there.

They gave me some very clear instructions on how to go about restoring all my data to the new computer. I came into the office the next morning, following an overnight data restoration, and everything was there running perfectly. Nothing was missing. It was all in the right order and bang up to date!

I must admit to secretly congratulating myself on the farsighted decision to use Cloud Direct. It’s a service that really does do exactly what it says on the tin! I am so delighted that I have recommended the company to many of my commercial clients.

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