CASE STUDY - Efficio

CASE STUDY - Efficio

Efficio - PC and Mac Backup

Efficio is a consultancy that helps its clients to achieve breakthrough results in their procurement and supply chain functions. They work for blue chip companies and leading Private Equity firms to deliver more from procurement and the supply chain.

The problem

At the beginning of 2011, Efficio was searching for a UK-based online backup provider offering a proven business solution, and unlimited storage.

Following a full tendering process, Efficio discovered Cloud Direct, who offered a solution that solved their data backup issues and met all of their requirements.

Sam Carew, Efficio’s IT Manager explains: “Until that point, Efficio was using Microsoft Offline Folders for its backups, which created countless syncing problems, such as data paths that were too long. Colleagues working remotely were using external drives, which created additional problems, such as backup failure or even forgetting to back up altogether. The backups alone were taking up a huge amount of time and the system was simply not practical. I single-handedly look after a rapidly growing workforce, so I needed a solution that was not only efficient, but would also continue to grow with us.”

In addition to the above requirement, Efficio has since decided to protect its server data with a scalable backup system to accommodate its rapid growth and secure automation to improve Sam’s efficiency.

The solution

After winning the bid to provide Efficio with unlimited backup data storage, Cloud Direct worked closely with Sam to implement Online Backup for PCs and Macs. As a cloud-based backup solution, this provides the most efficient way to protect and store business data.

Files are encrypted in transit for security and the data backup is automatic, eliminating the risk of users forgetting to make backups. Multiple versions of the same file also enable files to be restored from different points in time, which is particularly useful if content was accidently deleted and the file subsequently saved.

Following 18 months of continuously protecting Efficio’s data on PCs and Macs, Sam and his account manager discussed other backup solutions from Cloud Direct, as part of a progressive relationship. In October 2012, the Online Server Backup was introduced to protect Efficio’s server data while reducing Sam’s IT burden. Fully certified to meet general and industry specific security standards, the Online Server Backup is compatible with all major server operating systems, virtual environments and key applications. It is also cloud- based for efficiency.

Both Online Backup for PCs and Macs and Online Server Backup continuously protect apps, databases and files in real-time. They also use two highly secure, geographically independent data centres to ensure data can always be quickly and easily recovered.

The result

Sam says: “The Online Backup has been terrific. The interface is so simple. I can just forget the system is there while being confident it’s doing its job. I particularly like the way I’m informed when a backup is made and the reports I receive which tell me who’s backing up or not. This has prevented critical data from potentially being lost.

“When we first adopted the system we had just 50 users. Since then that number has grown to 120 and yet we’ve had no problems. My workload has been greatly reduced and I have peace of mind that our data is protected. We recently had a situation for example where an employee in Belgium lost his machine on a routine business trip. Fortunately he was able to use a web browser and securely login to the web portal and retrieve files. It’s also good to know that a disgruntled employee can’t destroy any data because it is always backed up and secure.

“As for the Online Server Backup, that has been equally brilliant. It does everything I was expecting and is very intuitive. The installation itself was as easy as setting up iTunes - you simply click a few times and it’s done! With 32GB of data, the initial backup was conveniently run over the weekend and the system now backs up our server every 15 minutes. I particularly like the way I only get a report when there’s an error, so my inbox doesn’t get clogged up. Online Server Backup has definitely given me the support I needed to reduce my workload.

“As part of our growing relationship with Cloud Direct, we’re also currently in the process of trialling Access Backup and Collaboration (Cloud Direct: ABC), to support file sharing. The trial has been great so we’re now looking into a solution that will allow backed up data to be automatically brought into the cloud.

“On a more personal level, I love the service I receive from the support team at Cloud Direct. They will go above and beyond to help me and I feel very valued as a customer. They are professional yet extremely friendly and I genuinely feel part of their team. I also love the way you go straight through to service support when you call - it’s testament to the importance Cloud Direct places on customer service.”

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