CASE STUDY - Miss Moneypenny

CASE STUDY - Miss Moneypenny

Sophisticated virtual office helps companies reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Imagine being able to dispense with paperwork, phone calls, appointments, filing, accounts and the all the extra staff needed to look after that administration. That is precisely why Miss Moneypenny was established.

Rani Dabrai runs the unique virtual office in the Emerald Isle and has not looked back since setting up the business with her husband, Mark Daly, 3 years ago. “We saw an opportunity to help smaller companies overcome the huge start-up hurdles and initial outlay for administration and staffing by offering all the services they needed, virtually.”

She added, “We have taken away the initial need for receptionists and telephonists and provided our clients with a full service, virtual office where we can create their appointments, take orders, type letters, sort out cheques and accounts and become a genuine part of a company, adding scale and substance to even the smallest operator.“

“We even buy the staplers, printers and stationery to make it look totally professional. All our staff members are seasoned professionals and can handle every aspect of modern business.”

Successful concept

The concept has worked incredibly well. Rani reports that Miss Moneypenny now handles over 50 clients, varying in size from small one-man bands to a number of larger organisations that have seen the light and outsourced all their admin functions, even the staff holidays and expenses.

The benefits in cost and time savings have been enough to allow clients to confidently grow and expand without the dangers of additional overheads or costly premises.

Performance guarantees

Naturally, such a business has to provide adequate guarantees and ensure total security for its clients, which is why Rani approached Cloud Direct for online backup and data storage services. She added, “We are a growing business and we had to be sure that all the work we carry out for our many clients is safe and secure at all times. We discovered Cloud Direct online and have not looked back since. All our files are backed up every day and everything is stored and mirrored in secure vaults.”

No fuss, no safe, no tapes, no worries

Rani went on to say, “It is essential that I can retrieve any item of customer documentation at any time. With Cloud Direct this is now so easy. There’s no fuss, no tapes, no worries about storing data offsite or in fireproof cabinets and no risk of losing data. It just happens every day at 12:00 and lets me know when it’s complete with a small pop up window. Cloud Direct gives us huge confidence that everything is totally safe and secure. It’s a good feeling!”

Paperless writer

Rani revealed, “One of our clients is an author. He is very traditional in his approach to computing and prefers not to use a computer so he sends us audio tapes and we transcribe them and store the typed copies in our backup vault. So when it’s time for his next bestseller to emerge and be sent to the publishers, we simply call up the files and send him a final copy, all professionally laid out and ready for the editor. Of course, he loves this, no computer, no typing, but all the technological benefits nonetheless!”

Rani summarised, “It would be very difficult for us to run our business without Cloud Direct and I certainly would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone that relies on important files and documents or stores archived material for their business. The peace of mind you achieve knowing that all your files and company data are 100% safe cannot be underestimated. We will be using our established link with Cloud Direct as strategic sales benefit in the future and have already recommended them to a number of clients.“

Remote backup for a remote office

Eliza Rawlings, Managing Director and Cloud Direct, “We are very pleased to have been chosen to provide the essential backup and recovery systems for this remarkably busy virtual office business. Miss Moneypenny is proving the benefit and reliability of our remote backup service.“

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