Protecting Shewee’s critical data

When Samantha Fountain first developed her idea for the Shewee she certainly did not expect the brave new world of standing ladies that has emerged as a result of her brilliant little innovation, which simply put, enables the girls to mimic their gender opposites and ‘spend a penny’ whilst standing up.

Vertical markets

Sam’s product first saw a glimpse of its future when she famously introduced the Shewee on Dragon’s Den in 2009. The dragons didn’t have the foresight to buy in to the unique solution, and undaunted, Sam opted to continue on her own and develop the product from home.

The company’s success has been phenomenal. Shewee Ltd. now supplies over 85% of ‘outdoor’ stores and a large number of pharmacies in the UK.

The company has distributors in over 20 countries and Shewee has been approved by the NHS and NATO, and is supplied to Armed Forces around the world.

Standing ovation

The freedom it has granted to ladies in every profession has resulted in huge demand for the discreet product and massive growth for the company as sales expand across the globe. Press and TV reviews by celebrities including Jeremy Clarkson, Joe Brand and Konnie Huq of Blue Peter have helped spread the fame, whilst sportswomen and explorers have been quick to praise the concept.

Waterfall of documentation

With this huge success comes the equally large administration and paperwork that are essential for every efficient business. Sam Fountain revealed, “Like every successful company we have a computer network and software systems to handle our orders, deliveries and customer communications. It is critical to us that this information is available at all times and protected in the event of any mishaps or system failures.”

Value and Functionality

Sam revealed, “After searching for a suitable partner to provide a remote backup service, we invested in an online backup system from Cloud Direct, which now backs up our files automatically at the end of each day. As a small company we were naturally concerned about costs and functionality. We had to be totally convinced that we could easily restore our data in the event of anything being lost or destroyed. The final decision was easy. The sales team from Backup Direct was very assuring and within a couple of hours we had installed and run through the system with all our staff, with Cloud Direct explaining in detail all the necessary procedures. The result is the absolute peace of mind that we can restore any data should it be lost or destroyed for any reason.”

Modern Outlook

Sam went on to say, “The support we have received from Cloud Direct has been superb. If we ever need any help or advice then there’s always someone available to handle the query. I would certainly recommend them to any company looking for a backup solution. They have a very modern outlook; they’re forward thinking, customer focused and create solutions that exactly meet the needs of a client.

Eliza Rawlings, managing director at Cloud Direct, “We are absolutely delighted to provide the essential backup and recovery systems for Shewee Ltd. It is easy to see why the product has taken off so dramatically and we are very happy that the Shewee team has achieved such phenomenal success!

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