CASE STUDY - Steelhenge

CASE STUDY - Steelhenge

Steelhenge protects its critical data against potential catastrophe.

Steelhenge is a specialist international consultancy offering crisis management and resilience services. The business is focused on preparing companies to respond effectively to incidents, crises, emergencies and disasters. Detailed processes and planning enable clients to achieve full recovery with the maximum speed and minimum loss of assets, reputation and momentum.

Managing in a crisis

Many large companies are faced with the problem of what to do in a crisis, be it an industrial accident, security breach, major fire or product failure. Steelhenge specialises in preparing companies in how to cope with a potential catastrophe. It helps its clients draw up appropriate plans to deal with any given situation and ensures that individuals are given the necessary training, development and exercises to provide the appropriate response in the event of a crisis.

Demand for services

Such services are in increasing demand from large companies as well as government, particularly where organisations need to show documented evidence of crisis management planning, and become officially certified for business and tender purposes.

The British Standard BS25999 (Business Continuity Management) is a management process that identifies potential impacts that can threaten an organisation. It provides a recorded framework for building resilience and structures an effective response that will safeguard the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation, brand and revenue stream.

Protection for documentation

Reliance on documentation and recorded processes is very high in this business, and it is critical that all relevant written and recorded materials are fully protected and stored securely offsite. This is why Steelhenge has chosen to backup its main server using the Cloud Direct® LiveVault® service.


Melanie Bond is the Office Manager for Steelhenge, “We found that we were not being given the support and levels of service necessary from previous backup suppliers for our business. We discovered Cloud Direct online and contacted the company one morning. By the afternoon we were a fully signed up customer. The company had logged into our server using secure passwords, installed backup software and set up the system to start uploading our documentation to highly secure offsite backup servers.”

Melanie said, “The whole process was remarkably easy. And for a non-technical team in the back office, the support from Cloud Direct has been absolutely amazing. It has been a real pleasure to work with them.” Melanie added, “The beauty of the system is in its simplicity. It is very easy to use. Yet, if I have an issue, I never worry about calling the support team as they are always totally understanding and supportive, providing immediate advice on how to carry out a task, or solve an issue.”

Test restore is always 100%

Melanie revealed, “We run the backup system throughout the night to avoid any possible interference with work. I regularly carry out a test restore for critical files and this has always been perfect. We backup a wide range of business data including SQL database and critical office documents. It is very reassuring to know that in the event of a problem we can always get the entire system restored at the touch of a button. And for me it’s reassuring to know that the Cloud Direct support team is always available to help with any crisis.”

Delightful customer experience

Managing Director at Steelhenge, Dominic Cockram, said, “We were very impressed with the installation and configuration of our system by Cloud Direct. The installation team has been polite, highly efficient and extremely helpful. And I could not believe the speed with which everything was up and running. In today’s world, support of this nature is rarely seen and is a real pleasure!”

Safe and secure

Melanie Bond summarised, “I would highly recommend Cloud Direct to other companies. Their service is excellent and cost effective; ideal for any company who needs peace of mind that their data and documentation will always be safe.”

Eliza Rawlings, managing director at Cloud Direct, “We are delighted to have been chosen to provide the essential backup and recovery systems for Steelhenge. Crisis management and the ability to bounce back with minimal damage is becoming an essential tool in modern business. The fact that business continuity experts, Steelhenge Consulting, entrust us with the storage and backup of all their critical data is praise indeed.”

If you would like to find out how Steelhenge can help prepare your organisation to face the rigours of the unexpected, then visit the company’s website at www. or call them on +44 (0)207 871 1565 for an initial discussion.

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