CASE STUDY - Tempest Resourcing

CASE STUDY - Tempest Resourcing

Hosted VoIP for Recruitment

Established in 2008 Tempest Resourcing quickly become a leading independent provider of recruitment solutions on both a temporary and permanent basis to organisations and individuals operating in the health, social care and education sector.

We enjoy ‘top tier’ positioning on most of the UK wide contracts, This ensures that the quantity and quality of jobs available to locums registered with Tempest Resourcing is unrivalled, with us hearing of vacancies in the market often up to 24 hours ahead of our competitors or even on an exclusive basis.

The problems

Tempest Resourcing required a new telephony solution as they were facing an office move to cater for expanding consultant base. This was not an infrastructure decision that the client wanted to address again. They required a flexible solution to accommodate future office moves and which would scale to meet the different demands of the business as the number of consultants changes.

The business was facing the problem of having to fund capital outlay for new PBX and handset purchases, ISDN installs and maintenance contracts. Estimating the ongoing requirements and future capacity for such a dynamic and often unpredictable business, is difficult and normally results in the system being over or under capacity – both inefficient and wasteful.

Due to the large volume of outbound calls common in Recruitment, keeping charges to a minimum was key the client was looking for a service which offered per second billing and no call setup charges.

The justification for buying Cloud Direct Hosted VoIP system

Solving all of Tempest’s current issues Hosted telephony offers a neat alternative to a traditional PBX system. Therefore their only decision was to select the right hosted telephony provider.

Why Cloud Direct Hosted VoIP

Tempest Resourcing required a trusted brand which would provide a reliable and confident Hosted VoIP service.

During the sales process, Cloud Direct’s knowledgeable solutions consultant was able to build a bespoke solution which gave them the confidence that Cloud Direct was the correct telephony partner to provide a solution that fit their needs and could grow with their business.

As far as the solution design, commercial arrangements and ease of doing business were all drivers in the clients decision making process, this was fundamentally built upon trust in the reliability and resilience of the infrastructure behind the service provided by Cloud Direct.

Customer comment on service delivery

“Minimal system downtime and maintenance always scheduled outside of business hours results in no impact on business calls.”

“Cloud Direct helped and advised during the deployment of the system to ensure the network was correctly configured for the new VoIP service.”

“Any service requests were dealt with by the 24 hour support team in a responsive manner.

Tempest are expecting further growth and possibly another office move in the next 6-8 months, they are fully confident that they will be able to pick up their Cloud Direct phones and plug them in at their new premises with minimal fuss and complete confidence in the maintenance of the service.

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