CASE STUDY - Total Rehab Solutions

CASE STUDY - Total Rehab Solutions

Total Rehab Solutions goes VoIP with Cloud Direct

Total Rehab Solutions Limited offers a first-class physiotherapy service for patients who are suffering from musculoskeletal injuries and associated problems. The company was set up to cater for a specific demand from both private clients and insurance claim related injuries in the medical reporting environment, dealing with people who have been injured in accidents, slips/trips/falls etc, industrial accidents and employment/occupational health issues.

Network of treatment centres

The company offers a network of treatment centres linked through a full- time operations centre, providing exceptional service to both corporate and private clients. The operations centre offers a pro-active case management service utilising the latest Practice management software, thereby ensuring that updates, reports and calls are dealt with efficiently. The majority of clients receive treatment at the earliest opportunity with appointments usually being offered within a 48 hour window.

Excellent technology

Total Rehab’s MD, Wayne, explained, “We set up the company to meet specific needs in the insurance sector, and more recently we have seen a significant increase in demand for private physiotherapy. Our systems and approach to business rely on excellent technology, which is why we adopted a brand new VoIP telecoms solution from Cloud Direct.”

Telephones with identity

Wayne revealed, “We changed our phone system because clients were experiencing some difficulty in contacting us through the previous web-based and landline systems. The landline service did not provide the flexibility we needed. The new Cloud Direct solution met our multi location needs, as it was more cost-effective than traditional landlines, both in terms of infrastructure and actual call rates. The new system is more flexible and crucially easily scalable to meet business growth requirements.”

Issues with old system

“Particular issues were call quality and unreliability as well as a complete lack of corporate feedback from the system – identity, numbers and messages.” Wayne added, “The new telecom package from Cloud Direct is absolutely superb. We have offices in Spain and the UK that are seamlessly linked, and if desired our physiotherapists can be allocated individual numbers even when working from home. The outcome is a totally professional network that allows calls to be transferred from one network member to another regardless of where they may be. We have also installed a professional auto attendant facility that helps categorise calls and a voice mail system that will automatically send an email to the user along with a link to the high quality online voice message. The voice message can be played back directly through the email attachment, or alternatively it can be accessed via any phone including web enabled mobiles.”


Wayne went on to say, “We discovered VoIP telephony through our existing business relationship with Cloud Direct who already manages all our data backup and secure file storage. Details of the VoiP system were provided in a marketing newsletter, which landed on my desk at precisely the right time. I saw the potential and signed up.”

Simple set up and configuration

Wayne added, “The set up of the system was very straightforward. Handsets were configured at Cloud Direct and when they are plugged in to an internet connection they work, simple as that! Any calls to the number are automatically routed to the correct handset even if I am in Spain, so remote working is totally practical. Another benefit is that all users can make free calls to each other regardless of location in the world. I can configure handsets and carry out any moves, additions or changes using an online control panel. This, of course, would be virtually impossible or very time consuming with a traditional phone system.”

Software as a service saves space

A good internet connection provides access to the system software, which is provided as a service. This means no boxes, backups, patching or updating to carry out as it’s all done for us remotely by Cloud Direct, and the very latest configuration is available every time the users pick up the phone.

Excellent support

Wayne concluded, “We had a few small technical problems at the outset, which can probably be defined as user teething issues, fortunately the Cloud Direct support team was always available 24/7. Any emails that are sent to support are picked up and dealt with very swiftly to provide excellent service and support. The end result is a brilliantly clear telephone system that is ideal for business as it offers genuine performance and credibility benefits that are utterly suited to business and commerce applications. I would certainly recommend talking to Cloud Direct about VoIP”

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